Learning Important Life Skills

Rising Stars, Inc. Helps Students Learn Important Life Skills

As part of the Rising Stars, Inc. basketball programs, children are gaining the necessary tools for embarking upon a successful future in their local communities and beyond. Rising Stars, Inc. understands how the adolescent and teen years can be such a confusing time. Through participation in the Rising Stars, Inc. programs, today’s youth are given a greater opportunity of success and stand a better chance of making their dreams come true by learning how to set their standards high.

Q: Why have youth recreational activities been so vital to the improvement of communities across America, in your opinion?

Rising Stars, Inc.: Children face a host of negative challenges throughout high school and the decisions they make will have a direct effect on their future career and life prospects. What happens in those four years is often a catalyst for the future. That’s why the coaches and leaders at Rising Stars, Inc. have joined together to provide the life skills and promote the values children need to make the right decisions and improve their outlook to attain their goals.

Q: What are some of the pitfalls of youth growing up in America today?

Rising Stars, Inc.: There are a number of issues facing teens and adolescents, including bullying, alcohol, drugs, teen pregnancy, gangs, and peer pressure. All of these elements can be destructive without the right coping mechanisms to address, or better yet, avoid them. Children these days are required to daily adjust emotionally and socially in order to cope with the unique dynamics of their new environments. As their development continues, it can be difficult to navigate each of the crucial stages of growth and come out on the other side, especially without a mentor or role model to guide them along the way.

Q: How does your structured programming serve as a valuable resource for these kids?

Rising Stars, Inc.: Being a member of a team and a part of a welcoming organization adds value to their lives. In our programs, coaches also act as guides and teachers who bring families, schools and communities together through youth development measures. Providing a bridge between all of the many factors that are needed for a child to develop and by putting up a united front, Rising Stars, Inc. allows the student to feel like part of a bigger plan. The balance afforded by our basketball teams, camps, and clinics are vital to their overall development.

We recently hosted an anti-bullying session where the youth were encouraged to stand up for others who might be the recipient of being bullied. Serious talks were presented about the often devastating effects of bullying and how to avoid being the victim as well as the bullier. Self-esteem issues were also addressed, including a discussion of how to cope when being bullied. These lessons were immediately put to use and should accompany each and every child as they further grow into mature adults.

Q: What is the key to success in these cases?

Rising Stars, Inc.: Encouraging an interaction with people in the community and within a child’s immediate circle of influence is critical to our mission. Sports help to build character, but other factors play an equal role in the development of that character. In fact, these activities are designed to endorse the idea of teamwork. Dealing with adversity and the ability to lose with grace are integral to our operations as well. Working with others to reach a common goal is just one of the fundamentals that the Rising Stars, Inc. staff impresses upon each and every participant. Encouragement of collaboration within the community shows that we practice what we preach.