Founder, Paul Savramis

Paul SavramisRising Stars founder and President, Paul Savramis, has had a long career as one of the nation’s leading youth sports program pioneers. Born in Athens and raised in New York City, this future camp and clinic innovator graduated from Flushing High School and later earned a graduate degree in physical and special education teacher at Queens College.

In 1980, Paul Savramis initiated the first of a series of afterschool programs and youth camps at Bayside HS and Queensboro College. These early programs included tennis, soccer, and basketball – the latter of which would change the course of instructional camps and clinics and help shape countless of young lives.

As a national clinician for Converse and Nike, Paul Savramis developed a reputation both as a distinctive youth basketball instructor and as an international ambassador of the game. His knowledgeable presence on the court, coupled with an innate ability to motivate, catapulted his early basketball camps to both national and international recognition. Notably, Paul Savramis has completed clinics with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson and had his camps featured at the prestigious Michael Jordan program. His hands-on clinics are still utilized in camps in over half of the United States and continue to serve as a model for younger coaches.

In 1996, seeking to expand on his summer basketball vehicles so as to reach out to children and promote education, Paul Savramis was instrumental in the founding of the non-profit organization, Rising Stars, Inc. This program caters to the large populations of underserved youth and seeks to help them to meet the many challenges they face throughout their formative years. Paul Savramis remains passionate about the Rising Stars program’s mission and goals and their commitment that participants maintain exceptional grades and behavior – both on and off the court.

Although Rising Stars began as a summer basketball program, Paul Savramis and the Rising Stars team of dedicated teachers and coaches have grown the concept of positive teamwork and reinforcement to be one that empowers youth all year long. Rising Stars offers both summer and yearly programs of sports and academic support. The goal is to enroll kids in positive yearly programs and utilize the power of teams to help them to PLAY LEARN & GROW.

This proven formula allows Rising Stars to identify participant’s needs early on in the programs curriculum and support the individual needs of every child.

In addition to the NYC Rising Stars programs, Paul Savramis has developed a series of national basketball camps and clinics utilized to illustrate the importance of team sports to students and their families. These camps and clinics have been offered at respected youth recreational programs throughout the country, including the Emily K center in Durham NC. Savramis’ entire philosophy is based on having children actively involved in all learning and activities. He believes it is not enough to simply tell or even show a child how to play learn and grow; they must be fully involved in the process as well. This involvement is contingent upon and includes family school and community. This balanced approach to a child’s development allows for Rising Stars to serve as a bridge between all.

Recently, Paul Savramis and Rising Stars expanded the organization’s student scholarship program. Savramis believes that no student should see money as a barrier to progress and to that end the nonprofit now offers numerous scholarship programs for private education and tutoring services each year.

Paul Savramis passionately believes that parents and the community as a whole should work together to proactively circumvent negative influences in a child’s life. He stresses hard work and uses basketball to illustrate the importance of teamwork, respect, and above all, character.